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Check our our resources below for some inspiration from past BiG teams and some of Sheffield’s brilliant organisations!

Case Studies

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  Inspirational Case Study: Bents Green School

Through a vote of democracy within their team, the students from Bents Green decided to create a mindfulness garden in the school grounds to support emotional wellbeing.

  Download (1.2mb pdf)

  Inspirational Case Study: Forge Valley School

Team LGBee's from Forge Valley School distributed badges to raise awareness around the use of pronouns in school, aimed at targeting the LGBTQ+ community tocreate social impact.

  Download (624kb pdf)

  Inspirational Case Study: Seven Hills

Team 2FA from Seven Hills School decided to raise funds to help the school in their aim of becoming a Makaton signing school. To do this they planned and took part in asing and sign sponsored walk around Norfolk Park.

  Download (472kb pdf)

  Inspirational Case Study: Sheaf Training

The Super Six Explorers team at Sheaf Training decided through a number of group discussions, and consultation with their peers, to create a wellbeing garden for use by students and staff.

  Download (658kb pdf)

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  #iwill Movement

#iwill is a movement comprised of over 1000 organisations and 700 young #iwill Ambassadors & Champions from across the UK. They are united by a shared belief that all children and young people should be supported and empowered to make a positive difference on the issues that affect their lives, their communities, and broader society.

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  Youth Social Action toolkit

At-a-glance examples of a wide range of different youth social action activities that you could get involved in and how it can link to different curriculum areas and help you achieve the Gatsby Benchmarks

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