Team List

Team list

Team name School Social Action Idea Link
Sheaf Personal Progress Plus 2 Other A breakfast club to offer onsite work experience to Sheaf learners so they can develop employability skills and to help promote and further develop social and interpersonal skills. View
Personal Progress 1 Other A communal breakout sensory garden in our outdoor courtroom area which is enclosed by the main building but is outdoors and has an established and maintained vegetation with three benches. We would like to purchase items that will promote and support learners to regulate their emotions, such as; mirrors, plant pots for nice smelling plants, wind chimes, mindfulness cue cards in photo frames, bird feeding station, bird bath and if possible a water feature. These items would stimulate the 5 senses and promote emotional regulation. View
Aldine Other We have started a new gardening project for young people in the school. View
Discovery Gang Other To create awareness in our college and the wider community on hidden disabilities by producing badges to be worn proudly by students and staff. The designs will be different and created by us, with the aim of them being eye catching and fashionable. View
Ethnic Makers Firth Park Academy The idea is to Selling Sweets and use the profits to create a food bank for the local community. The idea is to sell sweets and use the profits and give them to a local charity in the community. View

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