Our General policy

Sheffield City Council respects your privacy. Any information you give us or non personal details which are gathered automatically help us to provide you with the best possible services whether you're a Sheffield resident or a website visitor.

If you give us information on our website or (for example) in an e mail, you should consider that information public. Where we ask for detailed personal information, we may do so on a secure website and that information should be private between us.

Where we hold your personal information we will:

  • correct it if it is inaccurate, especially if you ask us to do this
  • stop processing personal information where we can, & if you ask us to
  • stop sending you marketing information when you ask us to

Children's information

We don't differentiate between any of the information we gather from the website, nor have pages specifically aimed at children and young people.


We use 'cookies' to make sure transactions on our web site run smoothly. Visistors to the site are givenn the option to decline analytics cookies, but other cookies are deemed essential and are present for all users. Our essential cookies hold only hold sequential session identification number and remember your preference on analytics (that is they don't hold personal information).

We use Google Analytics to improve your experience on our site.

For more information about cookies please see the cookies page.


We may do optional online surveys to assess our services, collect demographic information or any other information we may find useful. We may share non-personal, aggregated information from these surveys with third parties.

Third party sites

Some of our services are provided through partnerships with other organisations. We may, on occasion, share non-personal aggregated information to these third parties.


From time to time we may operate competitions and promotions. Participation in these is optional and any information you give with your competition entry may be passed to third parties. Please check the rules of each competition.

Use of information

If requested we may submit your information or any information you give us to law enforcement or government authorities where this complies with Data Protection law.

Policy changes

By using our site you agree to acknowledge this privacy policy and note that our policy may change with time. Any changes to this policy will appear on this web page.

Data storage

We will keep your information for the shortest possible time and will only share it in the circumstances described above. For further information contact the Council Directorate providing the service you are using.

Putting Things Right

If you feel we have not acted within the terms of this policy please tell us by getting in touch with who is our Data Protection Officer on

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