Programme Terms

  1. The deadline for entry by pm on 19 April 2024.  Entries are via Entries by teams must be validated by a Teacher/Team Leader within that School/Youth Setting.
  2. The validation must be by 3 May 2024.  It is only on receipt of that validation by the Council that an entry is accepted.
  3. Involvement in the BiG Community Challenge is voluntary, and students should not be conscripted.
  4. Teams shall be the legal responsibility of the School/Youth Setting which validates their entry.  This includes responsibility for any goods and/or services which the Team produces or provides.
  5. Teams must consist of between 1 and 12 young people at the School/Youth Setting in Years 7 to Post-16 in Academic Year 2023/24.
  6. The Council reserves the right to reject any proposed Team Names which it considers as inappropriate or potentially at risk of breaching legal requirements and/or the intellectual property rights of others.
  7. All activities of the Teams undertaken in participation of the BiG Community Challenge must be appropriately supervised and properly risk assessed by the School/Youth Setting.
  8. Any and all products/services being offered for sale, hire, etc., (or otherwise….) must be safe and be in conformity with the law.  This shall be the School/Youth Setting’s responsibility at all times.
  9. The following items are not permitted to be offered for sale, hire, [etc.]: toys for children under the age of 14, nightwear, clothes with cords (such as hoodies), anything with a plug, imitation (pretend) food, alcohol, tobacco or gas related products.
  10. Teams cannot organise or run any gambling activities but can run raffles in their School/Youth Setting (subject to the School/Youth Setting's regulations).
  11. The School/Youth Setting is responsible for ensuring that no third party intellectual property right, such as copyright, is breached or at risk of being breached.
  12. The Council will seek to create opportunities for Teams to have access to local business people.  However, the Council is not able to guarantee this or to guarantee who that local business person is until they are matched, nor the days/times/location that they will be available.
  13. School/Youth Settings and Teams should help promote a positive image of the BiG Community Challenge.
  14. The formation and role of a Judging Panel is at the discretion of the Council.  Awards and other decisions are made by the Judging Panel and not the Council.  In the event of any problems or dispute, the Council shall have the final say.
  15. The Council reserves the right to withdraw a Team from the Programme and/or refuse to award prizes to anyone or any Team found to be in breach of the terms.
  16. Schools shall assist the Council with any freedom of information requests or with any information requested for any internal or external audits.

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